It all started when two teams met and started collaborating on joint projects. Both teams share the idea that anyone regardless of their level can study technologies such as Kubernetes as long as they are provided with the right means.

CloudPlex and eralabs had the idea of creating an interactive platform dedicated to engineers and Cloud Native teams. Both teams had a vision: Democratize the learning of complex technologies and give the chance to all levels to have an accessible entry barrier.

At Brainarator, we see everyday, that technologies are reshaping our reality. Our role is to participate in this technological revolution by questioning the learning methods.

There are some preconceived ideas circulating in the computer engineering community:

  • You have to be a graduate in computer science to work in this field.
  • Complex technologies (like Kubernetes) are impossible to understand if you haven't been in IT for years.

At Brainarator, we consider these ideas as prejudices. We believe them to be learned helplessness. Our mission is clear: Overcoming these prejudices.

We make complex technologies accessible. Join the movement!